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Because Good Anime Can't Freeze

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Alaskan Anime Fans- Because Good Anime Can't Be Frozen
This community was started for one reason: Previously, there was no community for anime fans in Alaska. Being an Alaskan, myself, and since our non-contiguous state has been getting more attention, lately, (thanks, Palin. /sarcasm) I figured that we need a community for the anime fans.

We DO have conventions. Two, in fact. The first was created by West High Senior, Kira Buckland, five years ago; Senshi-Con.

Senshi-con takes place, generally, in Febuary. This year's is February 21, 2009 and is on-going from 12pm-9pm. Although, with the increasing numbers each year, it appears that this will be the last year that Senshi-con will take place in the Student Union Building at UAA. I'm not sure where it will be moved to.

The second convention to be born was Aurora-con in 2006. Aurora-con is usually in September at the Egan Center. Aurora-con 2009 is not happening, however, due to some issues that I'm not too clear on.

In this time and place...

This community was created by myself, Cooley, a high school student who attends Kira Buckland's rival school (even though I worship her for creating the best convention to ever exist!), East High School. Everything goes by me, with some help and guidance from my mother, who was once an anime fan, herself, because she kicks ass like that.